People with albinism (PWA) are targets of prejudice and social exclusion and have limited access to specialized medical care and resources. Our study aimed to describe the epidemiological and dermatological profile of PWA in Togo. The researchers and top-level doctors carried out a cross‐sectional survey of 294 medical records of PWA systematically examined during two mobile skincare clinics in 2019.

The patients’ average age was 22 ± 16.5 years, and the gender ratio (M/F) was 1. The researchers reported a family history of albinism in 27.9% of cases, and consanguinity between the parents was found in 24.1% of PWA. Dermatological lesions on physical examination were present in 95.2% of PWA. These lesions were elastosis/wrinkles, ephelides, actinic keratoses, actinic cheilitis, and cutaneous carcinomas. The mean age of PWA with skin carcinomas was 38.6 years. Fifty‐four cases of cutaneous carcinomas were diagnosed and located mainly in the cephalic and upper limbs. Cryotherapy and excisional biopsies were the treatments for premalignant and malignant lesions. All PWA were sensitized to sun protection. This study shows the primary picture of PWA’s dermatological characteristics with a high frequency of photo‐induced lesions and skin cancers. The popularization and respect of photoprotection measures and regular skin examination of these PWA for early detection and management of lesions will reduce their morbidity and mortality.