This study aims at pathology discoveries all things considered effect the drawn out results of robot-helped laparoscopic prostatectomy. Since fundamental vesicle intrusion (SVI) is a significant free indicator of biochemical repeat (BCR), this investigation was intended to assess the impact of confined SVI without capsular/edge attack on BCR. Pathology reports of 2009 robot-helped laparoscopic prostatectomy examples were dissected reflectively barring capsular penetrate or potentially edge positive cases to remember 1409 patients for the investigation. Elements foreseeing SVI and BCR in this select gathering of patients were surveyed and genuinely examined. Endurance investigation for PSA (prostate-explicit antigen) disappointment likelihood and binomial relapses for variable consistency were performed. Seminal vesicles are rarely associated with SGGG 1. Select gatherings of patients with secluded SVI who have second rate sickness with generally lower PSA and BMI don’t have a forceful natural conduct and are probably not going to have a BCR, consequently going around superfluous adjuvant treatment with its orderly results. The BMI altogether anticipated PSA disappointments and ought to be considered as an extra danger appraisal device.

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