Studies involve intussusception of rotavirus. A retrospective case-control multicenter trial was carried out in Germany with a focus on rotavirus vaccinations to identify risk factors for intussusception. Children with birth place and domicile in Germany, were treated for intussusception and at the time of the intussusception were recruited. Two paediatricians have automatically vetted the case report form according to the Brighton Collaboration criteria of intussusception specified (BC). Cases of diagnostic safety of the highest degree were combined with age, gender, federal state and location of residence population-based checks. Vaccine exposure information was provided on certificates of vaccination. There were 186 cases with 272 controls. 116 cases. In people inoculated by rotavirus vaccine dose 1 before starting with symptoms a substantial increase in the adjusted intussusception odds ratio was identified compared to people not exposed. Age did not affect the risk of intussusception at the commencement of the rotavirus vaccine series.

Post Dose 2 and 3 as well as any dosage have not enhanced the chance of intussusception. An additional intussusception risk factor has been found. The protective impact of breast-feeding has been found. A 5.7-fold increase in risk of intussusception was associated with rotavirus 1 vaccine regardless of the age of immunisation but the overall risk for intussusception was not raised during the first year of life.