The evolving pandemic situation of the novel coronavirus has affected the world in the worst possible manner.  This is because of the reason that the underlying mechanism for the soft-seen elevations in biomarkers of myocardial injury and stress has been able to show the worst outcomes. This is solely because of the reason that the cytokine response has not been so positive in this case. Hence, the main objective has been to understand the correlation between the two variables. Due to this pandemic a norml life got hit by and came to a slow down and various activities like sports and athletics , High school, intercollegiate, and professional sports leagues had all come to a halt, disrupting many young lives . In the studies that were recently conducted using 8751 of the patients who were already suffering from cardiovascular diseases, it was observed that nearly 59.9 percent had to undergo a more aggravated risk. At  the same time it was observed that the people were provided with the best possible treatment , the insights were that they were having a risk of 85 percent to their lives. The virus was known to have depleted the essential nutrients of the body and hence, lungs and heart became weak by 74 percent and became more vulnerable to infections.

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