Prospective residents apply for adult neurology programs using the websites. These online resources are the first interface to a successful application process. Programs that attract applicants inevitably have valuable content and aesthetics. This study evaluates the comprehensiveness of such websites to identify features for further improvements.

The study sought information from ERAS and FREIDA websites. It was helpful to compile a list of residency programs on adult neurology in the USA. The comprehensiveness evaluation involved a total of 24 criteria on the websites. They covered compensation, educational, and recruitment content. The sites’ comparison was based on geographic location, community, and academic program affiliation. The program size, US World News, and Reports rankings were also factored-in. The program or hospital’s medical professional networking comprehensiveness on Doximity was also considered.

The study evaluated 153 adult neurology residency program websites. Fewer than 77 websites offered direct website access from FREIDA and ERAS links. There was substantial variation in the number of websites displaying each content criterion. The mean percentage of overall comprehensiveness of residency program websites was 65.9%. More comprehensive sites from northeast locations with academic affiliation and larger programs got top-ranked in this study.

All neurology residency programs have to improve their website content. They have to provide more program information, and show comprehensiveness.