Noncompliance with therapy is a serious concern for roughly half of all chronic illness patients. The availability of new technology may offer a potential method to increase patient engagement and adherence in a real-world context. Research and technology tools that have been created or are in the process of being made available to patients with allergic illnesses and their physicians may enhance the treatment of these diseases in daily life by enhancing adherence. The study attempted to summarize several of the recent developments in these technical methods. Short Message Service (SMS) reminders, social networks, wearable devices, mobile apps (Apps), and monitoring systems for inhalation device usage, which are sometimes marketed as a “serious game,” are altering the way chronic illness management, such as rhinitis, is approached.

When compared to other diseases such as asthma, studies on the impact of various technologies in promoting adherence to treatment in rhinitis are still few, but the results are encouraging. Further research in this area may lead to the development of innovative management techniques that are simple to incorporate into patients’ daily lives.