The aim of this study was to assess and analyze the viability of ribavirin in the treatment of patients with extreme COVID-19 pneumonia. A few helpful intercessions for Covid contamination were concentrated during the extreme intense respiratory disorder Covid (SARS-CoV) and Middle East respiratory condition Covid (MERS-CoV) episodes in 2003 and 2012, individually . Surveys of the writing recommend that ribavirin may be of advantage in patients with Covid contamination [4]. Notwithstanding, different investigations have demonstrated that ribavirin may not improve results . Also, ribavirin has likely unfriendly impacts, in this way its clinical use should be deliberately evaluated.

Ceaseless factors were communicated as the mean ± standard deviation (S.D.) and downright factors were communicated as number (%). The χ2 test and t-test were utilized to decide any measurable contrast between the extents and methods for the two gatherings. Single-factor examination was utilized for correlation of clinical and research center highlights in the various gatherings. Univariate and various strategic relapse models were utilized to assess the relationship between patients accepting ribavirin or not and the danger of death. All investigations were performed with EmpowerStats and the factual programming bundle R. A P-estimation of <0.05 (two-sided) was considered factually critical. An aggregate of 134 people were determined to have extreme COVID-19 between January–February 2020.

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