There have been increasing incidences wherein the people are provided with the scope to approximately measure the extent of pain the members of the family usually feel the pain which makes them sad and hence, they are in the position to decide for the previous post-intensive syndrome. There have been studies that have been conducted so far in order to measure the life-threatening experiences which the people usually feel and hence, are provided with the opportunity to get rid of. The patients were in the number of around 8751 and hence, it was observed that 87 percent of their family members were upset and hence, were more worried because of the increasing incidence of other types of diseases which may include the infection from the novel coronavirus and hence, it has been already observed that these people are provided with the possibility to get infected by the virus with an increasing amount of 45 percent. In addition, an attempt was made to provide for the best possible care and hence, there was a furtherance of 12 percent rate of recovery if proper care was taken.

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