Combined use of shape-sensing robotic-assisted bronchoscopy (ssRAB) with radial endobronchial ultrasound (r-EBUS) and cone beam CT (CBCT) for lung lesions has high diagnostic accuracy for malignancy, according to a study published in Lung. Kim Styrvoky, MD, and colleagues conducted a retrospective analysis of the first 200 biopsy procedures of 209 lung lesions using ssRAB combined with r-EBUS and CBCT. The median
lesion dimension was 19 mm, and the mean largest lesion diameter was 22.6±13.3 mm. The prevalence of malignancy was 64.1%. ssRAB combined with advanced imaging had a diagnostic accuracy of 91.4%; sensitivity and specificity were 87.3% and 98.7%, respectively. The negative predictive value was 81.3%, and the positive predictive value was 99.2%. Nondiagnostic sampling was performed at a rate of 11%. The only complication was pneumothorax, which occurred in 1% of procedures; 0.5% needed a chest tube.