The outbreak of the novel coronavirus is affecting the people in the worst possible manner. This is because of the reason that COVID-19 has worsened the immunity of many people. Therefore, the people who are already suffering from various kinds of illnesses are finding it difficult to cope up with this in the best possible manner. The patients who are already suffering from the illness of chronic kidney disease, most likely to contract the disease of the COVID-19. The studies that have been conducted so far with respect to unraveling the relation between the two, they have depicted that the people are 54 percent more likely to get affected by the disease of the virus if they are already having a weaker immune system owing to the kidney infections, they have been hosting. At the last, RNA profiling also gets affected, which decreases the number of proteins like ACE 2 in the body. This further makes the body become more vulnerable. Therefore, they have to be provided with the best possible care in the best possible manner.

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