The Particulars: Research suggests that the incidence of trigeminal neuralgia (TN) increases with age. Studies indicate that the average life expectancy is gradually increasing in the United States. However, current national estimates and outcomes associated with TN that require emergency care are lacking.

Data Breakdown: A retrospective analysis of national ED data found that the average age for TN-related ED visits was 61.6 years, and 71.4% of these visits were made by women. Among 132,824 visits assessed in the study, 37.0% had a comorbid condition. Following ED visits, 54.3% of patients were discharged routinely, 43.0% were admitted as inpatients, and 0.7% were transferred to another hospital. The average ED charge per visit for TN was $2,257.

Take Home Pearls: TN does not appear to be an infrequent cause of ED visits in the U.S. Care for TN often requires the use of significant hospital resources. Women and patients in their 60s appear to make up the majority of TN ED visits.