The researchers conducted the present study to evaluate the Superheroes Social Skills program’s effects, a social skills curriculum for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).

The existing research and literature on the subject matter have found the curriculum to improve children’s social engagements with ASD during unstructured recess periods. Still, they have been limited in research design and lack maintenance data. The sample size consisted of 5 elementary-age participants with current placements in inclusive public school settings included in the study. A multiple baseline design across participants was used. The main reason for choosing this design was that researchers needed to determine the effects of the intervention on social engagement during unstructured recess periods and teacher ratings of social functioning and sociometric status.

The study concluded through the visual and statistical analyses of the obtained data that increased participants’ social engagement during recess periods following social skills training. Improvements were also observed in teacher ratings of social functioning and sociometric status. Limitations of the current study are also discussed.