There have been many views that have been expressed so far by the National Health Service and the National Institute for Health Research in terms of physical activity. The work mainly focused on the analysis of the people who were suffering from deadly and fatal diseases like musculoskeletal. The main aim of the studies was to internationally recommend a core treatment for the common MSK conditions which includes the ones like osteoarthritis. Various PA measures have been suggested to measure the objective results. These methods include methods like accelerometry and pedometers. These also included a catena of subjective methods that were basically relied upon for desirable results in the minimum possible time. On proper analysis, the studies concluded that 5-7 percent of the results were made more to the point and accurate on this particular issue, and hence, at the same time, an attempt was made to provide for the same in the minimum possible time. The results were able to show a correlation between the variables with a positive tinge of 5.4-8.5, which is highly sufficient to jump on a conclusion.

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