Multiple sensitizations at an early age have been reported to be a risk for the development of asthma. This study evaluates the emergence and evolution of IgE to aeroallergens among a cohort of children with physician-diagnosed atopic dermatitis and/or showing food allergy symptoms and to examine the relation to asthma development.

304 children with food allergy symptoms and/or atopic dermatitis without asthma were included in the study. They were analyzed for IgE antibodies against food-, indoor- and outdoor-allergens and pet allergen components and correlated to the individuals’ outcome on asthma inception.

After the 24 months of follow-up, physician-diagnosed asthma was 19.7% and asthma diagnosed at any time was 24%. Component resolved diagnosis for dog and cat allergens showed that IgE antibodies to Can f 1 and Fel d 1 were common.

The study concluded through its findings that the early sensitization to inhalant allergens increases the risk of developing asthma as well as having milk and wheat allergy symptoms. Sensitization to dogs was common at an early age despite dog ownership.