The purpose of this study is to find out the general change in the levels of creatine kinase of a patient who is undergoing spine lumbar for cervical spine surgery. It is known to all that spine surgery is one of the most common and fastest performing surgeries in the world. kinds of complications are being faced after the surgery. to avoid complications the patient needs to go through different level checks. Checking the creatine kinase level is also one of the most important things after the surgery. The study was done by enrolling 94 consecutive patients who have undergone spine surgery. The average preoperative CK level of the patients was 179.64 after the surgery the level grew up to 847.04. study shows that the level of creatine kinase had increased usually after the surgery. During the lumbar spine surgery, the study was done in the same way and the rise of CK levels was also being noticed after the surgery was completed.

Therefore this study has demonstrated that spine surgery can affect the postoperative creatine kinase level and it can rise usually to the patients undergoing lumbar or from surgery.