Despite scattered media reports of severe allergic reactions to the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, a detailed analysis published in JAMA Insights shows that such incidents occur in just 11 out of every million doses given. The study, compiled by researchers at the CDC, also found that episodes of anaphylaxis typically occurred within minutes of receiving the shot and were quickly resolved with epinephrine. None of the episodes proved fatal. The bottom line, according to one expert unconnected to the study, is that people have far more to fear from COVID-19 than they do from the Pfizer vaccine. For the study, a team tracked data on reactions to the Pfizer vaccine from December 14-23, during which about 1.9 million first doses were dispensed and just 21 cases of anaphylaxis were reported. Among them, four required hospitalization, including three requiring intensive care, and 17 required emergency care. By the time of the report, 20 of the 21 cases had received and been discharged home.