Researchers did this study to objectively evaluate the impact of laparoscopic excision of endometriosis on sexual function in patients with DIE compared to healthy women. The present study is a prospective study, including two hundred and fifty patients diagnosed with DIE scheduled for laparoscopic surgery and two hundred and fifty healthy women.

A sexual activity questionnaire, SHOW-Q, was used to collect data about women’s satisfaction, orgasm, desire, and pelvic problem interference with sexual function. Women with DIE underwent complete excision of endometriotic lesions. All participants were asked to complete the SHOW-Q questionnaire before and after surgery.

Before and six months after surgery, SHOW-Q scores in the endometriosis group were compared with the healthy group scores. A significant improvement was found between pre-and post-treatment in the satisfaction scale scores, desire scale, and pelvic problem interference scale of SHOW-Q. The distribution of post-surgery SHOW-Q scores was comparable to healthy women’s scores apart from the orgasm scale score, which was unchanged in the post-surgery group.

The study concluded that the surgical approach to treatment positively impacts organ impairment and sexual function in women affected by DIE.