The present study was a retrospective review of computerized records of one thousand three hundred and forty-two women undergoing outpatient EMA in a community SRH or hospital department of gynecology in the same city and a self-completed, anonymous survey of three hundred and three women requesting abortion at both sites. The primary outcome was safety in terms of re-attendance rates for a complication related to EMA. Secondary results were telephone contact with each site for an EMA-related concern and satisfaction with information about abortion received at each location.

A higher proportion of women undergoing EMA at the SRH site made telephone contact than women at the hospital site. Women rated both settings highly in terms of information received before abortion at the hospital and SRH sites, respectively.

The study concluded that outpatient EMA provision in a community SRH setting is as safe as that delivered from a hospital setting. Women are similarly satisfied with the information they receive about abortion from each set. More abortion assessment and outpatient EMA services in Great Britain could shift from hospital to community SRH settings.