Situs inversus totalis is an extremely rare kind of congenital organ transposition that all of the organs in the chest and abdomen are switched with one another. It is not unheard of for patients to have unusual abnormalities in addition to this condition, such as an ectopic kidney.

A man in his fifties who presented with nausea, vomiting, and irritative lower urinary symptoms also complained of having colicky pain in his left iliac region when he came to the medical facility. The patient’s family has a history of situs inversus totalis, and she has had recurrent lower urinary tract infections. Both of these factors put her at an increased risk for developing the condition. The patient was found to have dextrocardia, a complete situs inversus of the abdominal organs, and a left-sided ectopic pelvic kidney that contained 4 stones, according to the X-rays. Nephrectomy on the left side was essential, given the substantial renal damage that was seen. At the time of discharge, as well as during the subsequent follow-up, the patient’s condition remained healthy and unaltered.

When an ectopic kidney is present alongside situs inversus, it might be difficult to diagnose and treat the problem because both conditions are present simultaneously.