The people who have been struggling with deadly diseases like cancer are always in constant fear of losing their lives. However, there are certain types of cancers that become so deadly at the initial stages itself. The information alleviates worries over the conveyance of chemotherapy simultaneously with hypofractionated radiotherapy and affirms the adequacy of the SOCCER routine. Just 3% of our patients didn’t finish the arranged radiotherapy and 76% got the two patterns of simultaneous chemotherapy. There were no 30-or 90-day treatment-related recordings. The middle in general endurance was 31.2 months; 1-, 2-and 3-year endurance rates were 75, 56, and 45%, individually. In this manner, it is likely to be effective and ensure that the best possible treatment is meted out to the ones who have been infected with this disease. Therefore, there was a median of 43 months of survival time available to the patients who have been infected with a sich disease which becomes severe in stage III itself.

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