Squamous cell carcinoma in situ (SCCIS) and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) are common cancers that are becoming more common across the world. Many nonexcisional therapies are widely utilized, although their efficacy has not been thoroughly established. For a study, researchers sought to determine the recurrence rates of SCCIS and SCC treated with nonexcisional methods.

SCCIS and SCC were studied using 5-fluorouracil, imiquimod, electrodessication, curettage, photodynamic treatment, ablative lasers, or cryotherapy.

They included 186 studies that described how 9,336 cancers were treated. SCC and SCCIS recurrence rates after electrodessication with curettage (2.0%; 95% CI, 1.1-3.0) or cryotherapy with curettage (1.6%; 95% CI, 0.4-2.8) were lower than those after other treatments, such as photodynamic therapy (29.0%; 95% CI, 25.0-33.0), 5-fluorouracil (26.6%; 95% CI, 16.9-36.4), or (16.1%; 95% CI, 10.3-21.8).

In treating SCCIS and SCC, electrodessication and cryotherapy in conjunction with curettage are more successful than photodynamic treatment, 5-fluorouracil, or imiquimod.

Reference: jaad.org/article/S0190-9622(21)02278-7/fulltext