This study aims at the incestigation of Fenestrated endovascular aneurysm repair has yet to gain widespread adoption owing to the technical complexity and increased risk of complications. Three-dimensional (3D) printed templates to guide fenestrated physician-modified stent grafts (PMSGs) are a novel technique that may have the potential to increase the accuracy of fenestration alignment, and to disrupt both the cost and timing of the current commercial fenestrated endograft supply chain. We have conducted a critical appraisal of the emerging literature to assess this.

None articles were included as being of direct relevance to 3D-printed template-assisted PMSGs for fenestrated endovascular aneurysm repair. Abstracts were screened individually by each investigator to ensure relevance. These 3D-printed templates are a promising new avenue to assist with the placement of fenestrations in PMSGs, particularly in urgent or emergent cases where custom fenestrated endografts are unavailable, with larger scale studies warranted. Further work to validate the key stages of the template workflow are required, as well as further investigation into the most suitable manufacturing and distribution methods before the mainstream implementation of this novel technique.

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