There are various issues, children these days are grappling with. These issues surface around the mindset of the children which is engrossed in various ways. The stimulant medications are the most widely relied on medicines which play an important role in curing the hyperactivity and attention disorder in children who are in their growing age. There have been various studies conducted so far in order to prove this result. Some of these studies include that a class of 175 participants was taken in order to assure that the people are able to get hold of the device and hence, they were studied in order to unravel the findings which are able to affect this in various ways. The results concluded that there was a high response to the optimization process which suggests that rigorous titration of stimulant medication and concurrent behavioral therapy may be able to avert the need of additional treatments. There may be various side effects like weight gain which might be able to get linked with this treatment. However, this has to be done in order to assure that the best possible outcomes are available.

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