Radiotherapy and cisplatin chemotherapy are common treatments for head and neck cancer. Recent evidence suggests that patients undergoing radiotherapy and cisplatin chemotherapy could be at a higher risk of hearing loss. This study aims at developing a prediction model for determining the risk of hearing loss after radiotherapy and cisplatin chemotherapy in patients with head and neck cancer.

This is a retrospective cohort study conducted at a tertiary medical center. The study included a total of 242 patients with head and neck cancer who were treated with radiotherapy or cisplatin chemotherapy or both. The primary outcome of the study was the patient’s hearing level.

All of the 242 participants received radiotherapy, and 105 (43.4%) received cisplatin chemotherapy. The prediction model indicated 77% variability in the posttreatment pure tone average. The predictive model also demonstrated a sensitivity of 80% and the specificity of 75% in predicting a posttreatment pure tone average greater than 35 dB.

The research concluded that the prediction model for posttreatment hearing in patients with head and neck cancer is accurate. The research also confirms the exposure of cochlea to radiotherapy and cisplatin chemotherapy, which is related to hearing loss in patients with head and neck cancer.