The Coronavirus Disease-2019 pandemic has slowed down the solid organ and transplantation worldwide. There have been increasing instances of solid organ transplants. There have been a few instances wherein the people who recovered from the novel coronavirus were too, included in the sample of the population which was already earmarked for organ transplantation. These people were examined for the extreme duration of hours and hence, what came forth was the fact that the patients who have been already a victim of the infection of the novel coronavirus were reportedly having a large number of anomalies in their organs and their organs did not report a normal movement. Instead, there were instances wherein abnormal cell growth was more common and prevailing over the region of lungs and ribs. Hence, these people in order to become legible for the organ donation were administered 1mg per day dosage of mycophenolate mofetil of 500 mg twice a day. This was the medicine which was able to cure the abnormal growth in the body and hence, at the same time, make the person capable of donating organs. Therefore, in the end, it was easily concluded that the people who remained asymptomatic were any better option and sample of the population which was earmarked for organ donation.

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