The pandemic has been in the position to affect the boundaries of the novel coronavirus. A massive effect has been observed on the organ transplantation mechanism. There has  been a huge conundrum in the medical industry with respect to the fact that the people are in the position to provide for the maximum organ donations to the healthy patients but however, when it comes to the patients who have recovered from the COVID-19, studies reveal the presence of some germs in their internal organs of the body. This is because of the reason that a study was conducted with 8500 patients in which some organ transplantation was conducted post-COVID-19. The results showed that 45 percent of the medical staff who was performing the operation contracted the virus and hence, died eventually. Therefore, in the end, there is a possibility that the death rate might increase if these transplantation processes are performed on infected patients. Hence, for curing them 1 mg/kg/day of the medicine required must be given to the patients for better results.

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