The aim is to To compare the surgical outcomes of patients with clinical stage I ground-glass opacity (GGO) lung adenocarcinomas with maximum diameters of ≤ 2 cm who underwent lobectomy versus limited resection.

We retrospectively reviewed cases of clinical stage I GGO lung adenocarcinoma with a diameter ≤ 2 cm that were treated via lobectomy or limited resection in our department between January 2011 and September 2018. The clinical characteristics and surgical outcomes were analyzed using a propensity score–matched comparison and a Cox regression model.

A total of 552 patients were identified; 128 patients with pure GGO were excluded. Four hundred twenty-four patients met our criteria, including 242 (57.1%) who underwent lobectomy and 182 (42.9%) who underwent limited resection. No perioperative mortality occurred in either group. The overall 5-year survival rate of the entire cohort was 88%. Patients who underwent limited resection tended to have a shorter operation time, smaller blood loss volume, fewer removed nodes, and a shorter postoperative stay. However, the groups did not differ in terms of postoperative complications. Lobectomy and limited resection could lead to equivalent overall survival in patients with GGO-dominant tumor, while lobectomy showed better overall survival than limited resection in patients with solid-dominant tumor.

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