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Benlysta – Nephrology – May Display Banners HCP Wallboard Extension – 23248

Death With Dignity: Should Doctors Help Their Patients Die?

Euthanasia has long been a controversial topic. The Death with Dignity Act, now legal in 11 states, puts a new twist on the discussion. This act puts very precise conditions on who may be allowed to receive a lethal dose of...

Q & A WITH DR. MEDLAW Addressing Intellectual Property

I’m a pediatrician and my wife is a software designer. We were talking about combining these to design games for kids with serious illnesses to help them understand their care. The problem is that I’m currently at a university...


New research was presented at SCM 22, the National Kidney Foundation 2022 Spring Clinical Meetings. The features below highlight some of the studies SCM22 that emerged from the conference. Serum Ferritin Strongest Link With Bone...

Elobixibat Improves Constipation for Patients With CKD

For patients with moderate to end-stage CKD, elobixibat is associated with improvement in constipation and lipid metabolism, according to a study published in Frontiers in Medicine. For the study, researchers retrospectively...

Many With Advanced CKD Can Survive Years Without Dialysis

Many patients with advanced kidney disease who forgo maintenance dialysis can survive for several years and experience improved mental and physical well-being until later in the course of the illness, according to a study...



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