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Open Bedside Tracheostomy Remains Underused, Despite Safety

“ Tracheostomies are traditionally performed in the OR, but one of the drawbacks associated with OR tracheostomies is that you have to transport a critically ill patient,” Karla O’Dell, MD, notes. “Percutaneous tracheostomies...

Telemedicine Closed Racial Gap in Appointment Completion

Increased use of telemedicine in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic closed the “appointment completion gap” between Black and non-Black patients at a large academic medical center, according to findings published in Telemedicine...

Is Private Practice Doomed?

Decades ago, doctors finished their medical training, hung up their shingle, and started practicing medicine. Today, many practice arrangements are available, from hospital-employed to partnerships to solo practice. We can get...

How Group Practices Can Prepare for Partial Retirement

According to an Association of American Medical College’s report, two out of five practicing US physicians will be older than 65 as this decade continues, and many will ponder partial retirement from a group practice. Partial...



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