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Orexo – Feb Display Banners HCP Wallboard Extension

The Wake of Grieving Caused by COVID-19

As tears silently rolled down my patient’s face, I could feel my own eyes grow moist. Holding back the tears that threatened to escape, I patted her hand and told her how sorry I felt. She just lost both parents to COVID, and...

Stigma Toward Depression Decreased from 2006 to 2018

Public stigma toward depression seems to have decreased, according to a study published in JAMA Network Open. Bernice A. Pescosolido, PhD, and colleagues used data collected from the U.S. National Stigma Studies to examine the...

Severe Mental Illness Linked With Higher Risk for COVID-19

People with severe mental illness (SMI) have higher risks for COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, and mortality, according to a study published in Molecular Psychiatry. Lamiece Hassan, PhD, and colleagues investigated...

Worse Outcomes With Comorbid Pain-PTSD than With Pain Alone

“There are important reasons to study chronic pain and PTSD together,” says Matthew J. Bair, MD, MS. “Chronic pain and PTSD co-occur frequently. This comorbidity leads to significant adverse effects for patients, and their...



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