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Post-Discharge Telemonitoring Improves Survival

Post-discharge noninvasive tele-monitoring and nurse telephone coaching (NTM-NTC) improved survival among patients with HFand a high comorbidity burden, according to findings published in the Journal of Cardiac Failure. Ilan...

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When & How to Talk About Weight With Patients

Estimates suggest that about 70% of adults are overweight or have obesity. It’s crucial for healthcare professionals to understand the nuances of caring for patients with obesity and weight-related comorbidities. With data...

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Social Frailty Worsens Outcomes for Elderly With HF

For elderly hospitalized patients with HF, social frailty (SF) is associated with a composite outcome defined by all-cause death and cardiovascular events, according to a study published in Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine....

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WB: Making Room for the Gut Instinct in Medicine

While clinical guidelines are the norm in medicine these days, most of us recognize they are merely just that—guidance—and can’t eliminate gut instinct. Sometimes, we see a patient and just know there is something not right....

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