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One of my group’s employed surgeons was injured and has serious weakness in his dominant hand and wrist due to radicular trauma. Before he could return, we therefore required him to be evaluated by a neurologist and an...

PW PODCAST: The Evolution of CME

During a recent PW Podcast, Rachel Giles, MD, from Medicom Medical Publishers, spoke with Graham McMahon, MD, MMSc, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME)...

A Tribute to the Pharmacist

This article originally appeared on and is written by Taison Bell, MD. Dear pharmacist, You just paged me and, I must admit, I’m not feeling excited to call back. I estimate that I probably get paged, called, texted,...

The Impact of Hydromorphone & Infective Endocarditis

The rate of infective endocarditis (IE) in people who inject drugs (PWID) has been rapidly increasing in recent years, explains Michael Silverman, MD. Dr. Silverman and colleagues hypothesized that the type of opioid being...

Our Healthcare System May Be Failing, But It Isn’t Broken

I ’ve stood in front of conferences before and made my case: Our healthcare system is per- fect. “A perfect system? Ours?” I’ll hear people murmuring, “He’s a little bit crazy.” For decades, critics of the US healthcare system...



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