Understanding the Recent Supreme Court ACA Decision

We spoke with Dr. MedLaw to discuss the recent 7:2 decision that the Supreme Court issued in its third holding on the Affordable Care Act (ACA). What was the history of this case? In 2017, the individual mandate penalty was re-...

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PW PODCAST: The Evolution of CME

During a recent PW Podcast, Rachel Giles, MD, from Medicom Medical Publishers, spoke with Graham McMahon, MD, MMSc, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME)...

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Video Evidence in Malpractice Cases

With the use of video on the rise in court cases, attor- neys are also more sophisticated about tapping into its influence. But the legal standards regarding rules of evidence about a video’s credibility and authenticity are...

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Screening May Miss Endometrial Cancer in Black Women

Adherence to current clinical guidelines for the evaluation of postmenopausal bleeding may result in systematic underdiagnosis of endometrial can- cer (EC) in Black women, according to a recent study published in JAMA Oncology....

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PW PODCAST: Theranostics for Oncology Patients

During a recent PW Podcast episode, we spoke with Gil Padula, MD—Chief Medical Officer at Univer- sity Hospitals St. John Medical Center and Clinical Collaborator with NuView Life Sciences—about re- search he’s conducting in the...

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Black Women Underrepresented in Immunotherapy Trials

“Racial inequity in healthcare delivery and outcomes in the United States is well-documented, and outcomes for breast and gynecologic cancers are no exception,” explains Katherine V. Grette, MD. “In order to better address these...

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Q&A: Physicians Ask About Office Mask Mandates

Q: Everyone in the office must wear a mask while they are here, but I am concerned about what they do outside. A lot of the staff are young, and they may be going out in large unmasked groups or otherwise acting stupidly when...

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Friction in Healthcare – Why More Could Be Better

In Silicon Valley, the concept of friction is the idea that you must remove every bit of inconvenience or work that gets in the way of a digital interaction. It’s about making things as easy as possible to get done. I’ve been...

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HPV Vaccination Is Lowering Cervical Cancer Rates

In a finding that offers the first evidence that the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is indeed protecting women from cervical cancer, new research shows cases in the United States have slowly but steadily declined over the...

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