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Exploring Monosensitization to Male Dogs

With Can f 5—a protein expressed in the prostate of male dogs—as one of the several allergenic molecules making up dog dander, the theory arose that dog-allergic patients mono-sensitized to Can f 5 could tolerate female dogs,...

Individualized Motor Skills Training for Low Back Pain

Patients with chronic low back pain can learn new, practical, and less painful ways to move through individualized motor skills training (MST), according to a study published in JAMA Neurology. The 2-year study of nearly 150...

Guidance Provided for Antibiotic Stewardship in Pediatrics

In an American Academy of Pediatrics policy statement, published in Pediatrics, guidance is provided for inpatient and outpatient antibiotic stewardship. The authors discuss inpatient and outpatient antibiotic stewardship...

A Physician’s Guide to Surviving COVID Winter

How can you survive this winter holding on to your temper, family, and job? Look out for #1. That’s you. To care for others, you must care for yourself first. That’s not selfish. That’s smart. To protect those who need you, you...



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