Fitness Trackers Can Help Obese Lose Weight

Health wearable devices are effective intervention tools/strategies for reducing body weight and BMI in individuals with overweight or obesity and chronic comorbidities, according to a review published in the British Journal of...

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Pandemic Has Many Kids Struggling With Weight Issues

Lockdowns and quarantines are making it difficult for kids and teens to control their weight, according to child health experts at Stanford Children’s Health. Lost routines, economic insecurity, and grief are making things...

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Maybe We’re Not All Hanging in There. And That’s OK.

A s a palliative care doctor in NYC during the beginning of the pandemic, my typical greeting response of “I’m fine” was speedily replaced with “I’m hanging in there.” It seemed slightly less false (because who’s really “fine”...

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The Link Between Teen Chewing Pace & Obesity

Obesity is a complex, multifactorial condition that is highly prevalent among adolescents. Eating “style”—in particular, behavioral aspects of chewing—may be an important aspect of body weight regulation. The epidemiologic...

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Medical Malpractice Case: Warren vs Dinter

Several months ago, the final ruling on the Warren vs Dinter malpractice case in Minnesota caused shockwaves throughout the medical community, raising concerns about physician liability expanding outside of the physician–patient...

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The alarming frequency of errors in medical records

O ver the course of my 45 or so years in the business, I have noticed that many patient charts contain errors. I’ve never stopped to count them, but some investigators at five leading academic centers recently did. Of 22,889...

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