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Integrity in Medicine

It takes a special person to care for people during their most vulnerable states, to keep intimate...

In Conspiracy We Trust

There are increasing calls to discipline or de-credential doctors who are spreading anti-vaccine, anti-mask, and other pandemic misinformation. While statistics show that 96% of US physicians are vaccinated, a handful repeatedly...

Our Healthcare System May Be Failing, But It Isn’t Broken

I ’ve stood in front of conferences before and made my case: Our healthcare system is per- fect. “A perfect system? Ours?” I’ll hear people murmuring, “He’s a little bit crazy.” For decades, critics of the US healthcare system...

Video Evidence in Malpractice Cases

With the use of video on the rise in court cases, attor- neys are also more sophisticated about tapping into its influence. But the legal standards regarding rules of evidence about a video’s credibility and authenticity are...

Our Healthcare System May Be Failing, But It Isn’t Broken

When we make the mistake of talking about fixing our broken system, we tend to speak of driving costs down or of achieving greater efficiencies by stressing preventive care. There’s nothing wrong with efficiencies and...



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