In Conspiracy We Trust

There are increasing calls to discipline or de-credential doctors who are spreading anti-vaccine, anti-mask, and other pandemic misinformation. While statistics show that 96% of US physicians are vaccinated, a handful repeatedly...

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Video Evidence in Malpractice Cases

With the use of video on the rise in court cases, attor- neys are also more sophisticated about tapping into its influence. But the legal standards regarding rules of evidence about a video’s credibility and authenticity are...

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Risk for Psoriasis Increased for Cancer Survivors

Cancer survivors, especially survivors of hema- tologic malignancies, have an increased risk for psoriasis, according to a research letter published in the British Journal of Dermatology. Research- ers conducted a nationwide,...

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The Association Between Psoriasis & Vascular Dementia

“Psoriasis has been linked with a variety of systemic disorders, including cardiovascular (CV) conditions, which may predispose patients to developing dementia,” explains Megan Lam, BSc. “While the etiologies of many dementias...

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Friction in Healthcare – Why More Could Be Better

In Silicon Valley, the concept of friction is the idea that you must remove every bit of inconvenience or work that gets in the way of a digital interaction. It’s about making things as easy as possible to get done. I’ve been...

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