Interview Strategies for Hiring Medical Staff

Turnover on a medical administrative staff can be devastating. Workflow is disrupted, tasks need to be retaught, and finding a good fit can be elusive. For this and many other reasons, you should have a clear plan in place for...

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Assessing Drug Overdose Risk Among People With HIV

Preventable deaths, including those due to drug overdose (OD), are a significant public health concern in New York City (NYC), with rates increasing during the past decade, according to Sarah L. Braunstein, PhD, MPH. “NYC also...

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Integrating PrEP With Syringe Services for WWID

Evidence indicates recent setbacks in HIV prevention gains among people who inject drugs, with several HIV outbreaks among this population in recent years, explains Alexis M. Roth, MPH, PhD. “In cities where the drug market has...

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