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myocardial infarction

Heart Attack Patients Not Receiving Evidence-Based Treatment

Among patients with acute myocardial infarction, a large analysis has found that four variables appear to be significantly associated with greater adherence in at least four of six treatment adherence measures. These variables...

Optimizing Chest Pain Diagnoses in the ED

An estimated 8 million people present to EDs in the United States with chest pain each year, 15% to 25% of whom receive a diagnosis of acute coronary syndrome (ACS). Of this group, between 2% and 5% are discharged home without...

Tailoring Antiplatelet Treatment

Important advances have occurred in our understanding of the platelets’ role in arterial thrombosis. These advances have enabled the development of new antiplatelet therapies. Clinical trials have demonstrated the benefit of...

Can Hypothermia Benefit Post-MI Patients?

A small American study suggests that systemic therapeutic hypothermia can decrease morbidity and mortality in post-myocardial infarction (MI) patients with cardiogenic shock. Although more research is needed, the investigators...

Adopting Aldosterone Antagonist Therapy

Randomized clinical trials on the use of aldosterone antagonists in eligible patients with heart failure have shown an incremental 15% to 30% reduction in all-cause mortality. They also have been associated with a substantial...



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