The pathogenesis, current literature, procedures for complete microsurgical denervation (MDSC) and targeted microsurgical denervation (TMDSC) of the spermatic cord, and results for these therapy options for patients with chronic scrotal content pain (CSCP) or orchialgia are reviewed in this study. Various studies have found a significant improvement in pain for CSCP patients with low patient morbidity. The probability of testicular atrophy/loss is less than 1%. TMDSC/MDSC appear to have no effect on testosterone levels. The results of TMDSC and MDSC are equivalent. TMDSC, on the other hand, is far more efficient and far less time-consuming to conduct.

Microsurgical denervation of the spermatic cord, whether targeted or complete, is a safe and effective therapy option that has been carefully studied. The focused MDSC strategy is more efficient and perhaps less hazardous than comprehensive MDSC, with identical outcomes.