Execution of telemedicine for patient experiences streamlines individual wellbeing and takes into consideration coherence of patient consideration. Embracing telehealth diminishes the utilization of individual defensive hardware and different assets devoured during face to face visits. The utilization of telehealth has expanded to notable levels because of the Covid sickness 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Telehealth might be a vital methodology to battle against COVID-19, permitting us to deal with patients, save individual defensive hardware, and secure medical services laborers all while limiting the danger of viral spread. We should not disregard vascular medical problems while the Covid pandemic keeps on flooding numerous emergency clinics and keep individuals bound to their homes. Patients are not insusceptible to infections and ailments like stroke, basic appendage ischemia, and profound vein apoplexy while being bound to their homes and hesitant to visit emergency clinics. Rising up out of the COVID-19 emergency, consolidating telemedicine into routine clinical consideration is extraordinary.

Reference link- https://www.jvascsurg.org/article/S0741-5214(20)31473-7/fulltext