In 2005, the awards were presented to practices that also had a high rate of accrual of under-represented minorities. In this issue, we recognize the pediatric oncology program at the University of New Mexico Cancer Center, the Kansas City Cancer Center, and Kinston Medical Specialists. Twelve oncology practices were recognized with ASCO’s Clinical Trials Participation Awards this year, and each issue of the Journal of Oncology Practice takes a close look at three of the winners. The awards were established 3 years ago to underscore ASCO’s commitment to promoting clinical cancer research.

This center was the year’s only award winner in pediatric oncology, and it is that state’s only children’s oncology program. In September 2005, it was designated a National Cancer Institute cancer research and treatment center. Under her leadership, it now enrolls almost 30 annually, which represents about 88% of eligible patients. Overall, we cure 85% of kids with cancer. It’s actually very wonderful.

According to Frost, “I usually add that the cure rate is because of families like you, who were willing to participate in clinical trials, and let us learn, over the last 50 years, what the right thing is to do for kids. In childhood leukemia alone, we’ve gone from 10% survival rates in the 1940s to, in some cases, more than 95% cure.”