Prior to 2020, people didn’t had general awareness of hydroxychloroquine’s (HCQ) and chloroquine’s (CQ) potential for cardiac arrhythmias. After Covid-19, till now there has been no scope of vaccine availability. It is because of this, the number of deaths due to this virus has crossed over 5,00,000. Therefore, the aim of the medical industry is to look for the available medicines which are available as of now to provide for the cure of this disease. Hence, some medical surveys were conducted and it was discovered that nearly 1500 doctors from different parts of the world have been provided with the opportunity to test themselves on the medicines related to malaria and dengue. Through these tests, it was discovered that the drug hydroxychloroquine was in the best possible position to cure the patients. There were 52 percent of the results which showed that such analysis was apt and successful till an extent. However, it was recently discovered that this drug also has the potential for treating cardiac arrests if administered in a quantity of 5.1 mg/L.

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