For a study, researchers sought to develop cross-sectional validation. The objective was to assess patient characteristics, types of spine fractures, and treatment approaches as potential predictors of AO Spine PROST scores. The AO Spine Patient-Reported Outcome Spine Trauma (PROST) was validated at a minimum of 12 months following the trauma. Uncertainty exists over the validity and reliability of the AO Spine PROST as a gauge of health-related quality of life for longer than 12 months following the onset of spine damage. From a level-1 trauma facility, patients with traumatic spine injuries were selected. The AO Spine PROST, EuroQoL 5D-5L (EQ-5D-5L), and either the neck disability index (NDI) or Oswestry disability index (ODI) were required of them to be completed for concurrent validity. The Cronbach’s alpha and item-total correlation coefficients were used to evaluate internal consistency. Intraclass correlation coefficients were used to assess test-retest reliability. For the AOSpine PROST in conjunction with the EQ-5D-5L, and either the ODI or NDI, Spearman correlation tests were conducted. Using multivariate regression models, the factors influencing the AO Spine PROST score were examined. About 49 patients took part in the study’s test-retest arm, while 175 patients overall took part in the cross-sectional arm. The median number of months for follow-up was 94.5. There were no effects on the floor or ceiling. Both test-retest reliability and internal consistency were outstanding (α=0.98, item-total correlation coefficient: 0.73-0.91, and intraclass correlation coefficient=0.81). Correlations between the EQ-5D-5L (0.76; P<0.001), ODI (0.69; P<0.001), and NDI (0.68; P<0.001) and the AO Spine PROST were satisfactory. Having one or more comorbidities, a return to work period of between 7 and 43 months, and not returning to work were all significant independent predictors of a lower AO Spine PROST score, according to multivariate linear regression models. The AO Spine PROST showed very good findings for long-term reliability and validity.