There have been increasing incidents about the patients who have been down with membranous nephropathy. This disease has been in the position to increase the risk of malignancy in the general population. The most important target antigen for malignancy-associated membraneous nephropathy is however not revealed as of now. Therefore, an attempt was made to conduct the studies for revealing these propositions. Hence, the end product revealed that NELL-1 positive cases were made known to the medical industry by using immunofluorescence. There have been increasing instances of series wherein 3.8 percent of PLA2R and THSD7A have been found to be negative so far. There has been an increase of 89.5 percent so far in calculating their diseases. The mean age of the men who were reportedly down with these syndromes included the population base of 55.8 years as compared to the women who had a mean age of 45 years so far. This showed that this disease was more likely to happen to the population which was masculine and old and at the same time younger generations of women were safe.

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