The most important consideration at this point of time is to ensure that the pollen is a major cause of allergic respiratory diseases. In Qatar, data on the presence and prevalence of allergenic airborne types of pollen is quite limited. The study is basically aimed at providing for 8752 patients that were studied in Qatar so far. The study was basically linked with the negative impacts of the airborne diseases which were associated with the fact that respiratory diseases provide for aerobiological diseases. The studies reported that the people are in the capacity to provide for the fact that these situations arise due to the weakened position of the lungs so far in the body of the person. In addition, the survey which began on 8th Nov, 2017 reported that the position of the people was very much weakened due to the fact that the lungs are able to reduce the capacity of their working in the best possible manner. The capacity is reduced up to 87 percent. This was in Doha that this problem was faced the most. It was also reported that the people were in the position to get the best possible results.

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