In the light of the pandemic which has already affected the lives of so many people, there have been incidents wherein the existing people are getting affected by the coronavirus. This virus is proving to be more fatal for them. This is because of the reason that people are in the position to contract more bacteria and viruses when their immune system is already weak owing to the decreasing immunity because of the disease that they are struggling with. One similar association that has been formed includes one of the Acute Cardiovascular Care Association. This association is basically linked with providing the best possible care to the people in the best possible manner.

This also provides the knowledge of the supplements that are available in the market to assure that the people are treated. There have been studies that are being conducted to showcase how the proper intake of Vitamin A is in the position to enhance the immunity and the immune system. This was able to cure upto 40-50 percent of the ailments which the heart patients were suffering from, and hence, even in the times of this virus spread, they would be in the position to put up a tough front.

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