There is also a profound impact of the environment on the children. The factors such as deforestation, industrialization, urbanization, increasing population, etc have a profound impact on the mental state of the children in the worst possible manner. This effect is even more harmful to the children who have been able to barely reach the adult age. These factors play a vital role in shaping the personality of the children. Therefore, it is because of these factors that people are able to get hold of the situation in the worst possible manner. Therefore, children, these days have become more demanding. They are becoming more materialistic. They are becoming for goods and services oriented. There are ready to live a life full of social media. They are indeed running away from reality. The soil, air water and noise pollution is worsening their health in one or the other manner. People should be very particular in order to understand the negative consequences of this fact in the best possible reason. Therefore, the most important asset that is the children are walking on the wrong path. They must be taught the difference between the right and wrong.

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