EHC can reduce unintended pregnancy and the associated costs and consequences for the individual and NHS. This cost-effectiveness analysis compares LNG 1.5 mg with ulipristal acetate, a new emergency hormonal contraceptive approved for use up to 120 hours post-UPSI. The costs of both drugs and the costs of the consequences of unintended pregnancy — namely miscarriage, induced abortion, and birth — are compared in a decision model from the perspective of the UK NHS.

The ICER is the cost of preventing one additional unintended pregnancy with UPA and is calculated to be £311 compared to LNG 1.5 mg when taken up to 120 hours post-UPSI. In a sensitivity analysis, looking at different time frames and costs, the ICER ranges from £183 to £500. All these costs are less than the estimated cost of unintended pregnancy regardless of induced abortion.

The study concluded that even when considering only the direct costs of unintended pregnancy, UPA represents value for money as a method of EHC when taken up to 120 hours post-UPSI. UPA is a cost-effective alternative to LNG 1.5 mg for all women presenting for EHC.