For a study, it was determined that dietary carbohydrates that influence gut bacteria in a positive way were called Prebiotics. The researchers wanted to create a functional prebiotic bread using Bimuno® (galactooligosaccharide (B-GOS) mixture) for gut microbiota regulation in vitro in people at risk of metabolic syndrome. A control bread (with no added prebiotic) and a positive control bread (with carbohydrates similar to B-GOS bread) were also created. The prebiotic functionality of the bread was evaluated using a 3-stage continuous in vitro colonic model. Fluorescence in situ hybridization was used to measure bacteria, while gas chromatography was used to measure short-chain fatty acids. GOS concentration was determined using ion-exchange chromatography following bread manufacture. Comparable to controls, the number of bifidobacteria and lactobacilli after B-GOS bread fermentation was significantly higher. B-GOS did not degrade significantly during bread production, showing that GOS was able to withstand the procedure. Increased bifidobacteria and butyrate levels may also help those with obesity-related problems, according to prior research. The use of prebiotic-enriched bread to improve gastrointestinal health was supported by the researcher’s findings.