Weekly paclitaxel therapy as standard care is a new method for treating sex cord-stromal tumors. This study focuses on understanding the efficiency of this therapy after platinum-based treatment. Specifically, it aims at evaluating whether the addition of the weekly paclitaxel method would increase the six-month progression-free rate.

This study is a randomized academic phase 2 trial conducted at 28 international locations in Belgium, Italy, France, Japan, and Germany. The study took 60 women with the diagnosis and had at least one relapse after platinum-based therapy.

The subjects were randomized into groups; one received paclitaxel alone. The other received paclitaxel with bevacizumab for six cycles with maintenance therapy for one year or until unacceptable toxicity or progression. The group with paclitaxel alone has a 71% 6-month progress-free rate, and the other had 72%. The Bayesian estimate for the progression-free rate was higher in the combination therapy. With the inclusion of bevacizumab, the objective response rate improved to 44% from 25%. There was one incident of toxicity within six months.

The weekly paclitaxel therapy method was found efficient for treating the tumor. However, the addition of bevacizumab did not have any significant change in the improvement of the therapy.

Ref url: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamaoncology/article-abstract/2771198